Day 214 Redwork

A party day.  Why?  Because we can, because it's summer, because kids like cake and mom likes photos, because it's fun, and because today only comes around once in a lifetime.


  1. Your photos are magical. It's awesome to see someone who realizes and appreciates the precious memories made when our children are little. Your blog is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

  2. Oh wow! Can you come and do a shoot at my place? Fantastic shots and the girls are looking beautiful! Love the shots of the two eldest together and lill miss is adorable!

  3. Holy Cow! (We say that a lot in Wisconsin)...You did a wonderful job!!! I missed checking in last night and was expecting to see ONE picture. What a treat for this still-morning-tired Nana! I started smiling right out loud seeing your little sweet pea in the wagon looking right at her Mom! Days like you made for those children are ones they will treasure forever. Thanks for sharing "them" with "us".
    xxxooo Diana

  4. Debi, this is so cool! Love the red and the white in the pics and your kids are so photogenic! -Sher (greenacres)

  5. Oh my!!! your pictures are fabulous!!! What beautiful children you have.
    These belong in a magazine...seriously.


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