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There's a funny thing about the photo of the day, a little thing that has always bothered me.  I take photos, go through them, narrow it down to that one that jumps out, quickly process and size it, then post.  Many times, nearly every time, after going through the photos carefully and taking the time to get the feel for them, I discover that the initial photo is hardly the favorite (especially when it is of people).  It is usually in the top 5 but not the one that breaks my heart, tells the story, or sets the mood of the day.  As I'm nearing the end of the year I'm trying to decide whether to continue on to next year and I am leaning toward it.  The one change I think I would have to make though would be posting on the day.  I think I would need a delay to find the photo or photos that speaks to me.  Yesterday for example, I love that photo, her pretty eyes, big curls, even the editing, but after going through them last night and not looking for "the one" photo I found others that tugged at my heart, others that really showed what the day was about (a little fairy playing in the sun, wind blowing her hair, and finding huge leaves) and I couldn't help thinking of that nagging problem again and I think to myself, I'm printing this after the new year.  This is the book I will look back on in many years to see this year, is this what I want to see?  Or would I rather see the story?  I think that despite having to have a delay, next year I want the story.



  1. Oh- YOO MUST continue! Please, please, please...I have loved finding you and watching your Little Miss and the rest of your family. Why don't you do a post-post? lol I think even if they were all delayed by a day or two it would hardly matter at all. You are SOOOO talented and I think this is a perfect showcase for your awesome pictures...but,of course, that is the selfish me talking~ You decide on what is best for YOU and your family! Hugs sweet lady- Diana

  2. Don't you dare stop! Not after you dragged me into this, you have to continue, you're my shining example! I can understand waiting a few days to post. Do you think anyone will mind if those perfect photos have been taken a few days earlier, I really don't!


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