Day 321 The amazing sky and other things you wont see today...

It was an incredible sky today with shades of blue and purple tinged with orange, the kind of sky that makes the now bare branches on the trees glow as if charged with current.  I was amazed.  I grabbed Cassandra (my camera) and started for the door just in time for the hail to come.  Hail!  Not on Cassandra, oh no!  Then the sky turned a deep purple, nearly black and my family and I watched for an unseasonable tornado that, by the way, never arrived.  Instead the hail turned to rain and the sun tried really hard to break through the clouds so, I looked for a rainbow.  Yeah, that didn't come to be either.  Now, I did try to capture the brilliance from the window, really I did, but it was not to be unless there is an interest in seeing hail on Sadie (my car), or hail in the grass below my living room window, or a sad, pathetic really, attempt to capture the rain that looks like a very blurry (thank you rain soaked window) gray day.  No?  I thought not.  So, today, for a photo we have Juniper.  Thank heavens for evergreens!

So, in review:
camera~ Cassandra
car~ Sadie
rain soaked window~ bad, very very bad
Go Juniper!


  1. LOL- And I must say- I have never seen a better picture of a Juniper than this one! Go Wee Fairie..go Cassandra...go...oh...I guess I should go...Hugs- Diana

  2. Good morning! Your picture is so vivid I could almost smell it's scent.
    Have a great day!


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