Day 25 ♥♥♥

She comes up to me today with squares of toilet paper, sits down next to me and carefully starts ripping tiny holes in them, then says, "do you have any string for me to sew?  I want to needle something."  So we went to my craft room and picked out some pretty pink felt and embroidery thread.  Then grabbed the biggest doll needle I own.  We cut out the hearts and stitch by stitch (with guidance) she hand sewed the pieces together and stuffed it with "stuff n fluff", as she says.  It hangs in our living room where she has displayed it proudly.  Now, she says she wants to needle more hearts.  I think I have a crafter on my hands.



  1. Oh...don't you LOVE it? She did a really good job. Do you remember those cards that you "sew" with yarn. They have animals and stuff on them. She would probably really like those too. My little Lulu got her first sewing machine when she was 6 and she LOVES sewing. It wasn't a kid's model but one of those that they use for repairs, etc...small and heavy duty. xxoo Diana

  2. I am seriously impressed! She made such a beautiful heart. And I love her saying of needling something. Too cute!


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