Day 76 ...a perfect day

Our perfect day.  There was fog so thick you could barely see ahead of you.  It
was a dream come true.  My dh thought I was crazy and asked if I was serious when I said
I loved the weather.  To him this was stay indoors weather but to me, well, it was my first
chance to be out really early on a foggy morning with my camera.  The day held promise of
new challenges and a chance to see one of my favorite places in a new light.  Yes, to me, it was 

The two youngest had appointments early this morning which allowed my youngest son to 
miss school and come with us.  I think, at this point, they're doubting the perfection 
of this day as well.

But, as the fog lifted so did their moods.  We went for a walk and came across plenty of creatures
and little signs of spring.

The something happened that made my son proclaim it to be one of the best days ever.

He fed wild birds from his fingertips.  

His sister tried to feed them too but when the bird landed on her 
fingers she screamed and ducked, scaring the bird away.  I'm not sure why, she fed them last year,
 but this year it's just not her thing, maybe on the next perfect day.


  1. What a wonderful, magical day...and how funny about the little Miss and the bird. Your day looks just perfect! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you-xo Diana


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