...and back down the road this wayward child travels. 
I have been absent, lingering somewhere between the 1300s and the present becoming acquainted with my ancestors.  My husband I have begun a project that could take a lifetime to complete, a daunting but well loved task of tracking my bloodline, not through name alone but direct descendants one after another.  It disturbs me how the women of the past always seem neglected as if their major contribution was marriage and sons and I mean to trace them as well as the men.  This has preoccupied most of my free time and efforts lately.  I have kept up with 366 to my own liking, the kids playing, a few flowers but certainly nothing worthy of posting for others to see.  I take pride in my photos and have a difficult time just posting for the sake of posting and do not like to subject you to viewing the daily routine.  Believe me, you do not want to see that... laundry, dishes, toys scattered everywhere... 
This photo I actually liked enough to share.  It was taken yesterday on my way home through the dirty windshield of the car.  I really should clean that...


  1. If I could take a picture like that through a windshield I would apply for top photographer for the top magazine in the world. WOW-You ALWAYS amaze me. That is just beautiful!

    Good luck with tracing your ancestors. It is a daunting job, isn't it? It is amazing how little ever was recorded about the women of previous generations. xo Diana


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