12 Candles

At 12:
favorite color~ black
favorite song~ Hurt by Johnny Cash
favorite number~ 4
favorite subject~ science
favorite book~ Sherlock Holmes A Study in Scarlet
favorite food~ cheeseburger turnover
favorite activity~ video games



  1. Happy Happy Birthday to your boy! He is 12!!! Can you believe it? Now, tell me- WHAT the heck is a cheeseburger turnover? It sounds like something this family would like- xo Diana

  2. A cheeseburger turnover is really easy. You make regular white bread dough (I use the bread machine and make a loaf at a time or you could buy it frozen and thaw it but I never think that far ahead) and divide each batch into 3 round mounds and let it rise then bake it. Then you take ground beef and fry it like you would for tacos only don't add seasoning. When it's cooked you add ketchup, mustard, and velveeta right into the pan all melted and mixed up. You cut an X into the bread mounds and kind of make a cavity then fill it with the ground beef mixture. That's it, no recipe, all just done to taste.


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