Waking in the Woods

I'm not so much for the sleeping on an air mattress, freezing cold showers, or lack of amenities...
BUT I do love waking up to the sun rising through the tall pines casting a glow to the dew covered
pine needles and fern.  It's a fair trade as the beauty is overwhelming.

This was our campsite in the morning, miles from other people with nothing to worry about except 
the animals.  

The road less traveled is the only way in and you need a vehicle that can make it
 miles on a messed up two-track.

Oh, and hang your food, there be bears there... now, in case they can read, I'm sure we've completely
fooled them with the "video games" box :)  These were hung about 12 feet high where the lowest
branches on the pines started.

Next post, we'll head to the beach, my favorite place on earth.



  1. From forest morning to night prowls of the bears. You are a brave soul- xo Diana


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