brave and strong

I haven't been posting much.  I have been so busy lately that I barely have time to check online
at all.  I realized this morning, however, that things will not be slowing down any time soon so
I may as well make more of an effort in here.  

The above photo was actually taken last week before the
rain and snow (ick) kept us indoors.  You can see that there is a whole lot of brown going on out
there still.  It seems like spring is especially slow to start this year.  My Lil' Miss doesn't mind
though, she can manage to find fun no matter what the weather.  Here she is playing with the bow
that she made herself last summer while camping.  She still loves it.  Did you notice the smile?  She
had her first visit from the tooth fairy.  She handled losing her tooth quite well, no tears at all.

My elusive one.  This is the look.  The really mom, really (?) look that I always seem to get when
I turn the camera towards him.  He has such an expressive face.  Lucky for me he doesn't realize
that I love this particular expression or he would probably smile just to be contrary. 

For the next post, prepare to be dazzled.  It's prom weekend here.  Tuxedos and gowns... so
much gorgeousness in one day.



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