After The Storm

I love the haziness that comes after a storm.  

We had a tornado warning yesterday.
I don't know if your phones do this but mine alerts me to extreme weather.  It blares an alarm
that literally sounds like an alarm you would hear in school.  So, my phone is going off and my poor Lil'
Miss starts panicking.  I'm not sure how they've handled tornado drills at school this year but I'm not
thrilled with the result.  She is crying, yelling, and just plain scared out of her wits as we head to the
basement.  It took at least a half hour to calm her down (so not thrilled with the effect of the school's drills).
When we resurfaced and the rain stopped, I took her outside to see just how beautiful everything looks
after a good storm.  We found a rainbow and the hazy glow of the sun through the extremely humid air
made everything look magical.  She loved seeing the after effect and hopefully it was beautiful enough
to take away some the panic when the next warning comes.


  1. Oh- Poor little Miss! I am glad she had you there to point out the after beauty of the storm. That is such a tender, impressionable age! Blessings- have a wonderful week- xo Diana


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