Day 204 Beauty

There was a bowl of roses on a what-not at his elbow; he lifted out a great red one, like the one father had brought home nearly eight months ago.  "Take this."  I took it, the stem still wet, cool against my fingers.  "For a week it will remain fresh and blooming, as it is now; but at the end of the week it will droop and die.  You will know then that your faithful Beast is dying too.  For I cannot live without you, Beauty."  from Beauty by Robin McKinley a book that has captivated me since childhood


  1. WEll, you have captivated me with that picture. Unbelievably beautiful! Diana

  2. Wow, this photo is stunning!!! I love it so much. Water on this rose looks so wonderful. Photo below is amazing too :):):) I love shades of green you captured :)


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