Day 349 Snow Queen

Ok, I'll admit it, these are from yesterday evening, a few hours from crossing into today.  In my defense, I may not have time to touch the camera today.  I have massive shopping, candy making and baking to do.  I have 10 days until Christmas and I have never in my life been so behind.  Now, I will probably, probably take photos today of candy or cookies or something later today, but in the off chance that I actually miss today I'm calling this good lol!


  1. You outdid yourself with this shoot, Debi! Holy cow...she is beautiful...just like her Mom! But I thought SnowQueens were quite mean? She doesn't look like she has a mean bone in her body to me. You are not the ONLY one that is behind. I am the furthest behind I have ever been...sigh...Hugs-Diana


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