Day 359 Merry Christmas

... what she didn't know as she lay sleeping, was that right below her, in his work room, Santa's master craftsman (dad) was building her the rocking horse of her dreams.  He worked for days, tirelessly, around the clock to make her dream come true, a finer elf cannot be found.  It was finished, except the finish and little leather ears, at 4am this morning and this little princess woke to find it at 5am.

She says it is the best Christmas ever.  Quite a complement from someone all of three years old...


  1. Isn't Santa's Master Craftsman the best? Little Miss is blessed with him as her dad. Beautiful rocking horse and I love the photo of her and the horse.

  2. precious and dear is that little Miss...She will have that her whole life to remind her of how much her DaddySantaElf loved her! Much love and blessings to you and your family! xxoo Diana


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