Another Day, Another Park

Well, this time the park had the tallest toys she she has ever played on and while I would have liked to get the whole thing in a shot there was no way I was backing that far away from her while she was loose on it.  I think the tallest slide was about 20 feet tall, scared me to death!  I just do not have nerves of steal when she's on play ground equipment.

Here she is being all brave with a slight look of fear on her little face.  I will say, after climbing all the way to the top she did not slide down, she took the stairs.

On a side note, I have found a merry-go-round!  It's about 20 minutes from our house and I plan to get her there soon.  I'm sure that will be way more fun for her than over-sized play ground toys.



  1. How cute! SCheeks is just a bit afraid of the big slides too~Thank Goodness! I am sooo happy you found a merry-go-round finally! Can't wait to see her on it! (I KNOW there will be a picture of that, right?;>) Hugs- Diana


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