Cell Phone

I don't like phones.  I hate talking on them, it annoys me to no end, but lately I have found a love for mine.  It has a camera, one I never really used, but there it is, always on me.  It took pics of my Lil' Miss on that hard sought merry-go-round.  It took pics of the kids on the boat yesterday when for some insane reason I decided not to bring any camera.  What was I thinking?  Oh yeah, I just wanted to live in the day.  Well, that lasted about half way though the outing and feeling naked without my camera I whipped out the cell phone.  Strange fact, I had fun with it.  I knew the pics would be grainy, I knew they would be useless, so all I had to do was randomly shoot without even thinking.  Stranger fact, these are some of my favorite photos so far this season. My little phone has value, who knew?  Just don't call me on it lol!


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