Day 17, 18, and today...

Day 17~ ok, so not impressive photography but this was the discovery of the day.  Lil' Miss loves popcorn and has decided that this summer she is going to grow "popcorn trees" as she calls them.  Some of her popcorn has started growing and she is pretty excited that it's working.

Day 18~ one of our little visitors taking off.

Day 19~ So it begins again... I've heard tale that we are in for about 7 inches of snow by Saturday morning.  We've had white out conditions off and on this morning mixed with sunshine and the 1 inch we were supposed to get today has already turned into 2 inches.  I'm not complaining.  I love a good snow storm, I love being cozy and safe in my house while the weather rages outside.  There's a roast in the crock pot and french bread baking in the oven.  By the time it really hits tomorrow, I'll have the house filled with comfort foods and extra blankets scattered about.  I am ready to be snowed in.   :)

Now you know, with my luck, it will totally miss us lol!



  1. POPCORN TREES? Who knew? lol Great shot of the winged friend taking off...and it looks like the storm missed us and is off on your side of the lake. We got just a couple of inches BUT it is COLDDDD...and the wind is whipping off the bay. We are below zero and I'm not sure what we are at with wind chill factored in...let's just say....cooooolllldddd. xo Diana


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