Day 20

As you can probably guess, smurfs have taken over my house, the toys, the cartoons, the laa la lala la laa, and now the hats.  I made my oldest daughter a smurfy hat (the awesome pattern is found free here: you may need to sign up for ravelry to see it, not sure) then when Lil' Miss saw it she had to have one too.  I finally finished it today.  The hat is easy to make and the first one only took me 2 days but the second... well the second of anything take me so much longer because I don't like making things twice.  Lil' Miss had to wait nearly 2 weeks for hers.  She was so excited when I finished it and has been wearing it around the house ever since.  Now my youngest son wants one too but without the pretty edging... oh my poor smurfing fingers.  Where did I put the tiger balm?


  1. LOL- The Smurfs have made a comeback! Who knew? That is just darling. xo Diana

  2. Cute hat! I love her little bare tootsies too! Little Miss has such a Smurfy smile! :)

  3. Cute hats on even cuter kiddos!! xxoo


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