Day 36 Home Is Where The Heart Is

This was a difficult morning.  I looked around me and suddenly noticed the house was trashed.  A couple of snow days had left it in shambles.  We had a tent pitched in the living room, Lincoln Logs for a campfire, legos, a train set, remote control race cars, faeries, board games and books in stacks... it was a disaster!  Just when meltdown was sure to happen, I grabbed a coffee and sat down at the kitchen table (I knew I needed a coffee before tackling that pile).  As I rested my chin on my hand I noticed for the first time these tiny hearts scattered across the table, the biggest no more than 2 inches across.  These little hearts made me stop and look at the disaster again, with new eyes.  It wasn't a mess but a place full of imagination and love and though I did clean it all up it wasn't with annoyance at how big the mountain of play things had become it was with a fondness of the fun that was had making it and just a touch of sadness that the snow days were over.  It always amazes me how the tiniest of things can stop a person dead in their tracks... little hearts... they filled my heart to the brim.


  1. Oh..that brings a tear to me. I can't remember how many times I would be so disgusted with the messes left for me (Mom) to clean up..and I would do it grumbling to myself the whole while. Now, with grandkids, I realize how precious those messes are...and that they aren't "messes" to them. Glad your morning coffee and little hearts put a smile in your heart. Hugs-Diana


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