Day 48 Tiny Bear

The little one, so sick.  She wont let me go more than arm's length away.  So, yesterday, while sitting by her side and watching her sleep I got bored.  I happened to be close to a knitting basket so I knitted her what she now calls Tiny Bear.  She holds Tiny Bear and tucks her in next to her, she's helping Tiny Bear get over the flu.  I hope Tiny Bear helps her get over it too.


  1. Oh- doesn't that just make you feel like crying? I remember when my kids were sick when they were little and I just wished I could be sick FOR them....looks like she is deep in a healing sleep. Bless you...and they were all sick on your birthday will have to celebrate when everyone is well. Hugs- Diana

  2. He's cute! Glad he seems to be working in getting her better


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