Day 37 Still Knitting

I seem to be attached to my needles, hooks, and sewing machine lately.  I have finished so many projects one that I hope to share with you in the near future, a sweater that is at the blocking point and matching skirt for my oldest daughter.  This, however, was for Lil' Miss' itouch.  Yesterday she informed me that she needed a "purse with a strap to wear around her neck" so she can listen to music (Bicycle Race by Queen) while she rides her bike around the kitchen table.  So I came up with this thingy, affectionately called the isock by my oldest.  It was pretty easy and fast, just 36 stitches cast on to 4 size 1 double pointed needles, knit in stocking knit stitch in the round for a little over the length of the ipod with about a 1/2 of ribbing (knit 2 pearl 2) to give it the sock look.  Then I just crocheted a chain the length I wanted with a size F hook and did a row of slip stitches.  Sew up the bottom and attach the strap and  tada, Lil' Miss has a travel case for her bike rides lol!  Not bad for a spur of the moment idea.


  1. Aww...I will say it again- You are such a GOOD Mom! Hugs- Diana


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