Day 61 Spring Fever

It was such a long day!  Spring fever has taken complete control of my mind and I believe it's getting to Lil' Miss too.  She has started saying things like... "remember the park, the boat, the island?  remember going to the big water, and drives with the camera?  remember stinky cow poooooo, ewwww?"  Yeah, I would say she's ready for spring.  Yesterday was particularly bad because it was sunny and, if you just saw the sun coming through the windows and didn't look out at the piles of snow, it felt like spring.  So, yesterday we did spring things.  We planted in little cups apricot seeds (pits?) that had been waiting in the fridge for just the right time.  We blew bubbles in the sunshine of the living room just to watch the light catch them.  Then, to top the day off, we made cupcakes, rainbow chip cupcakes.  When I asked her what color of frosting she wanted she didn't say pink like normal, she said sky blue and sun yellow.   Sky blue and sun yellow, proof positive that spring fever has taken hold.


  1. How cute! Sky blue and sun yellow frosting? I hope you complied! I forget she has glasses danged cute! Hugs- Diaan


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