Day 80 latest obsession

I am loving ruffles!  Ruffles are going on all the clothes I'm sewing for my littlest, shorts, capris, shirts, dresses, every where I can add them.  I swear there is nothing cuter than Lil' Miss in her new ruffled clothes.  Oh never fear, I'll have photos as soon as it warms back up because, as you'll see with the next post, the ice is back.  So, we're back to pretending spring indoors and I'm sewing like crazy to get her wardrobe ready for those beautiful outings.  I've been daydreaming of her in a ruffled sun dress, bare feet, on the beach, and giggling as the waves kiss her toes... sigh... ruffles and giggles, they just go together.


  1. Ruffles and giggles! Sounds like a good name for a new blog! xxoo Diana

  2. So do yellow sunny clothers and summer! And sand and sea, and yes, ruffles and giggles!


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