Day 74 Secret Treasures

I only took a few photos yesterday before the rain came and washed away any creative spark I might have had.  They were of this, my favorite thing to photograph, the light in her hair.  I know I sound crazy, believe me, I hear myself, but when she sits in the light it's as if heaven shines down on her.  I find myself daily taking photos of her playing, laughing, coloring... all in the light, blown out, and I don't even care.  These are my secret treasures.  They show her angelic as I see her, a radiant spirit.  Sometimes, I think it's important to take the image as I see it because I know, in the future, I will give anything to see that light in her hair again, to see her at 3 years old with ethereal golden curls.  


  1. A treasure trove of photos for someday. You are a smart Mom...soon the time will be gone-before you even know it...a wisp of time flown into the wind...towards Heaven. xxoo diana


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