Day 47 my birthday

Sigh... where to begin?  Yesterday was my birthday and unfortunately I was sick for it.
  I tried to talk myself into getting over the cold all week but you know that never works.  
So, it was a mellow sort of celebration.  
The girls made me my favorite cake, red velvet, and DH made me
my favorite dinner, lasagna, the night before because I like it the second day best.  
Then yesterday, DH took me antiquing and shopping for a few hours (at this point 
I realized just how wiped out I really was)
 and while I was gone my little elves were busy.
They decorated the house with streamers and made this adorable banner.  
I was completely surprised that they did that.  I was tired and sick
but they really made the day special.  Spending my birthday with them was the best gift,
actually, spending any day with them is the best.

Another year older... I should say another year wiser and be mature, but there's this 
little sarcastic voice in my noggin that's screaming, "Ha!  I made it another year,
take that!" and laughing hysterically.  That can't be good, can it?


  1. Happy belated birthday- I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I'll bet you got a big old smile when you saw that banner, though and had all those kids loving on you! I hope you have a blessed year- xo Diana


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