Day 58 Photo Me Momma

I don't take my kids' pictures unless they want me to.  I will snipe them while they play but to actually
do a look at the camera type of shot, it is always their idea.  I don't want them growing up hating the 
camera so I leave them alone... for the most part :)  I have been know to throw a good party or bake
special treats because I know they will genuinely smile and let me take the photos.
  I know the girls will want their photos done in new
clothes and the boys will want them done... almost never.  So, when Lil' Miss looked at me with her
big eyes and bed head and said photo me momma, I couldn't resist.  No party, no cookies, no new 
clothes... just her being her.  Perfect.


  1. How cute is that- Photo me, Mama! Last time I asked SCheeks if I could take her picture when she was not "in the mood"..she clenched her teeth and said "I hate this wurld"..alrighty then- xo Diana


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