Day 245 Photo In The Rain (or... Hi Neighbors lol)

There is a power in rain that seems to bring about the strongest of emotions.  A gentle rain makes you cozy, a steady rain is good for sleeping, a thunderstorm is exhilarating, and a soft rain shower in the sun is beautiful like glitter, but a soaking rain can release the hidden tears.  It beckons them forth and says deal with all that you've buried, make peace with the anguish, face what torments you.  The sky is crying, cry with it.  Tears merge with raindrops washing them away until at last your soul is cleansed.  You can breathe, appreciate, and embrace another rainy day.  (Then wave as your neighbors drive by and wonder what on Earth the crazy lady on the corner is doing outside kneeling in the mud and why is she smiling like a lunatic with her camera in hand... has she not a thought in her head?  "Oh no, did she see that we saw her, keep driving!  Go, go, go!  Why would anyone take a picture on a day like today?"  ...yeah, it was one of those days.) 


  1. Lol- sooooo YOUR neighbors think YOU are crazy too? lol

    Another beautiful shot-that wouldn't be quite the same without the story behind it! xxoo Diana

  2. Trust me, my neighbours feel the same way about me. And I live in a very build up area, lots of neighbours! LOL! Beautiful shot, I love how you can see all the little drops so clearly


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