Day 257 Busy as a...

Since the school year started, I feel like I'm constantly going, busy... as well, a bee.  I find the hours to do nearly everything that I have to do but not that magic hour to just do what I want to do.  I sleep very little and coffee, as much as I love it, does not seem to be keeping me fueled.  Where is that golden hour?  I need it, crave it.  I can almost picture it and then like that bee, it flies away.  Actually, for all that I want to do I could use a couple of those golden hours.



  1. Oh..sign me up for a couple of those golden hours with you-I'll bring the Starbucks! xxoo Diana

  2. I am in awe of your stunning photographs!
    I love your blog!

  3. I'm with Diana~~~bring on the golden hour! I'll bring the Sangria!


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