Day 268 Fishing

Yesterday when I got home I saw this lovely fly out of my pond.  I'm not sure how long he had been there but considering I caught him there again today I'm pretty sure he got a taste of my goldfish.  Now I'm torn because I've had my goldfish for years, the ones in the pond now are the third generation, all from the original three fish.  They are beautiful and have lots of colors and I love to watch them swim in the summer.  But, this bird is my favorite bird.  Do I stock the pond and let him fish so I can keep him around?  Or, do I keep scaring him away and save the fishies.  Today I convinced myself he's really eating the frogs and therefore actually helping to keep the pond clean.  I suppose it could be true... couldn't it?


  1. LOL- I dunno but he is a beauty! Hugs- Diana

  2. Yes it could be true. He is lovely


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