Day 273 Fall At The Farm

"I want to see the stinky cows.", she said.  "I want to go to the farm with the ewwy house (barn) and piggies and horsies and goats."  

It's fall festival time at the farm.  This is the first time we have ever visited in the fall so we were pretty surprised to see it this way.  Lil' Miss was thrilled with the animals and loved seeing the scarecrows and pumpkins so much that we had to get some pumpkins to make pies and harvest cake, and I have a feeling she and I will be making scarecrows soon too.

Isn't this the cutest scarecrow!  There were tons of these, all different, hanging out around the farm.

"I see the cows!  (sigh...) Cows are so beauFiful!"

It was an absolutely beauFiful day!


  1. Oh- I love to see things through the little kids eyes- everything is an adventure...every day a gift. a beauFiful post! xxoo Diana

  2. Love the pics of the animals, but what struck me is how long Little Miss's hair is! And she has such cute clothes on.

    Yes, I know, I am silly in seeing that instead of the beautiful farm.


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